Nacre is a modular series of outdoor furniture and planters made of 3D printed concrete. A collaboration with Dubai-based 3D-printed concrete specialists Concreative, the seats were launched at Dubai Design Week 2020 and have been followed by a new series of planters launched in 2021 to complement public realm and outdoor environments.

Both the planter and the seats are available as a mix-and-match series of three heights. As seats, you can have a step, a stool, or a bar – each able to be complemented by a corresponding small, medium, or large planter.

The form of Nacre is constructed from hexagonal platelets that interlock, rotate, and penetrate. Together creating a structure of extraordinary strength and flexibility, that resembles the structure of the mother of pearl and speaks to the heart of Dubai’s pearl trade. Each platelet is made of 3D printed concrete with intricate textures and optional integrated LED lighting. The result is a constellation of sculptural outdoor furniture & planting objects that allow for a variety of configurations.



3D Printed Concrete




Dubai Design Week 2020


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