Working with paper as the raw material, Unfurled is a feature installation taking over the front window at Gaggenau London during London Festival of Architecture 2022. Designed by artists HagenHinderdael, the installation combines folded paper, mirrors, and lighting to create a unique artwork transforming from a 2-dimensional form into a 3-dimensional sculpture.

Unfurled reflects on Bauhaus teachings of form following function. A core Gaggenau belief, the Bauhaus teaching is a vital element that aligns the designer and the showroom through their values and craft. Using a geometric, abstract arrangement of books in a pattern to be repeated through reflection and refraction in the mirrors behind the installation Unfurled is both minimal in aesthetic yet powerful in its design.

At its core, Unfurled also celebrates precision craftsmanship with a loving attention to detail. Over 100 recycled catalogues are stacked and meticulously folded, combining simple geometric movements with functional methods to create a bold architectural gesture in the front window at Gaggenau London. The folded catalogues display glimpses of the Gaggenau range against the backdrop of the showroom, enhanced at night with dramatic lighting.


London Festival of Architecture
Summer 2022


Gaggenau UK


Recycled Catalogues, Lighting and Mirror


© Gaggenau