Node Brixton

Brixton is filled with character, diversity, and cultural heritage. Our landscape proposal for Node Brixton draws on these elements and the vibrancy of the area to introduce a curated landscape that inspires Nodies to enjoy the outdoor areas of the new development.  

Starting with the greening at the streetfront, we introduce a series of colourful and rich planting that provides privacy to the adjacent residences whilst complementing the brick facade and bold yellow door. This design language and careful curation continues into the rear gardening where we through a thoughtful and well-balanced approach, we create an open and welcoming landscape design that establishes a connection point and fosters a community centric space. 

In the softscape, we find a multisensory fragrant garden – stimulating smell and touch whilst providing a cohesive landscape between the accommodation terraces and the public, communal areas of the building. This space offers privacy with an emphasis on scent and can also be used during events and barbecues to harvest your own herbs.

As we continue into the hardscape, we combine a graphic pattern of Trex decking that adds a level of play and flexibility within the landscape continuing from the main indoor-outdoor space to draw residents into the landscape from within. This decking is surrounded by pebble pathways and a feature linear bench that wraps around the rear of the garden. These elements work together to frame the lawn allowing multiple layouts for events, and providing a much needed boundary between the public and more private spaces of the scheme. 

The linear bench itself is made of modular concrete seating elements; a language that continues into the individual NACRE seats spread throughout the lawn and able to be moved for moments of privacy read a newspaper or book in private or sit amongst a series of Nacre, taking part in group conversation and social gathering. All these elements are grounded together with the main feature installation: an arrangement of three Nacre in concrete, each 3d printed and varying from high to low-level in height.

The end result is a playful and authentic design that is a conglomeration of softscape, hardscape, and a ‘pop’ of colour – all uniquely curated for Node Brixton.


Brixton, London, UK


56Three Architects


Node Living


Nacre, Feature Decking & Planting


© HagenHinderdael © Node Living