As part of the London Design Biennale Radical Ideas Competition, we partnered with copper artist Sadie Clayton to create a response to the increasing psychological impact of COVID-19 on our mental health. EMBRACE is made of copper which has inherent hygienic and sanitisation qualities, and asks us to re-consider how design can provide a platform to administer critical treatments at home in a patient’s SAFE HAVEN during the pandemic and beyond. Distinctly curvilinear in shape, with intricate copper detailing to hold each element together, EMBRACE comes in two sizes : Shield and Cocoon – using tactility and comfort to bring a sense of uplift and rejuvenation.

SHIELD acts as a versatile face mask or a beautiful fashion accessory : bringing comfort to the psychological impact of COVID-19 on patients. Carefully crafted to create a sense of embrace, SHIELD has openings to see outward whilst providing a layer of security. It can act as a comfort blanket for patients and nurses to speak to one another whilst still having their faces covered. And its elegant form with intricately detailed copper weaving also makes it a statement fashion accessory for patients and nurses alike.

Allowing patients to look outward and receive natural light, nurses can visit homes to administer care in an immersive copper environment that naturally heals and provides psychological comfort to the patient. Cleaned between each use, COCOON is easily assembled and can be both a permanent sculpture in a home for long-term care patients, or folds down to be packaged away into an emergency care vehicle for day-to-day care. Creating a sustainable and healthy sanctuary for each patient in the comfort of their own home.


Somerset House, London, UK


Sadie Clayton


London Design Biennale




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