Launched at Material Matters during London Design Festival, September 2022

Material 3D Printed Fermented Sugar, Wood Fibre, bio-PLA
Retail Price £1.390, €1.670

Photography © Rob Smith

A collaboration between London-based designers HagenHinderdael and digital fabrication specialists Fab.Pub, SWIVEL is a dual purpose stool and planter combining environmentally friendly printing technology with bespoke design.

Made of 3D printed fermented sugar and wood fibre, SWIVEL can be flipped upside down depending on its function. Its natural, organic curves, inspired by the architecture of the Greenwich Peninsula HUB, invite the user to rotate and engage with it in a playful manner.

SWIVEL is 3D printed with PLA bioplastic, which is 80% more carbon efficient than conventional plastic. A cradle to cradle material, the source waste used in the production is in line with the principles of the circular economy.

Launching in September 2022 at the Material Matters Show during London Design Festival, the eco-furniture piece has been developed with sustainability and its duality in mind.

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