Finalist of the Fourth Edition of the Ro Plastic Prize 2023
Launching at Milan Design Week, 17-21 April 2023

Material 3D Printed bio-PLA from sugar cane,
Recycled coffee and milk packaging

Photography © Anders Gramer
Collaboration with Novavita Design

A collaboration between London-based designers HagenHinderdael and Czech-based Novavita Design, KOFIKA is a collection of two coffee tables that celebrates duality and invites its users to enjoy all things coffee. Pairing product design with art, HagenHinderdael x Novavita Design bring together the latest in innovative 3D printing technologies and a material research laboratory to create timeless design embedded in the Italian everyday drinking culture.

Drawing inspiration from the Italian architectural colonnades and marble of the past, the materiality and form of KOFIKA brings together traditional, iconic Italian design language into 21st century design. Our tabletops are made of plastic sheets constructed from recycled coffee and milk packaging waste. These are then rested on 3D printed legs that are made from a unique fermented sugar cane bio-PLA mixture.

As an object, KOFIKA is inspired by the Italian allure of past and present – from the coffee drinking culture where people sprawl into espresso bars through to the classic Italian architectural forms seen in romantic colonnades and ancient ruins.

©HagenHinderdael Ltd 2020