Launched at the Vorarlberger Architektur Institut, March 2022

Material 3D Printed Concrete
Small £1.120, Large £2.520, Set £3.430
Small €1.345, Large €3.025, Set €4.120

Photography ©Petra Rainier
Collaboration with Concrete 3D GmbH

A collaboration with Austrian 3D printed concrete specialists Concrete3D, CONTOUR is a 3D printed concrete bench combining environmentally friendly printing technology with bespoke design. Launched in March 2022 at the Vorarlberger Architektur Institut, the feature bench has been developed with sustainability and its local context in mind.

Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Milan Design Week 2022

In its form, CONTOUR takes inspiration from the surrounding landscape of Vorarlberg. Organic curvatures are printed layer by layer to reveal the topographical layers of the mountainscapes coupled together to form the seat. This design language continues into the elevation of the bench itself, as it mimics the peaks and troughs of the skyline of Vorarlberg.

Available in two sizes, CONTOUR S and CONTOUR L can nestle into one another – with the negative space between them creating further dynamic dialogues amongst the furniture set. This playful character of the benches is further elevated in the graphic colouring used in the print itself which uses a unique algorithm to print varying gradients of grey resulting in a bespoke finish every time.

CONTOUR is printed using new robotic technology that requires no formwork. The use of this innovative solution provides limitless choices in geometry and the ability to create bespoke curvature whilst saving resources. In the design process, the concrete mixture is optimised to create a material thickness and then tried and tested to ensure structural stability with the least material use possible.

Contours in the public realm at Lake of Constance, Bregenz Pipeline

A result of an extensive research & development process, CONTOUR is now available for purchase and reminds us of what can be achieved when we collaborate across varying disciplines. Spread across local urban squares or nestled within a yard or feature interior space, CONTOUR invites locals and visitors alike to feel closer to nature and their surroundings.

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