Bolla brings awareness to how the escalated use of packaging materials is affecting our environment. Pointing the way to a circular economy instead of designing things to fail, bubble wrap sourced from packaging waste is used as form-work and transformed through parametric modelling and innovative research into the light product Bolla.

Made of an eco-friendly concrete mixture that has been custom developed with material scientists, recycled plastic particles are combined into a concrete aggregate and poured into an organic-shaped mould. The light source itself fulfils the sustainable narrative, using wafer-thin OLED panels made from recycled materials – and providing a soft, and warm natural light that is fully integrated. Together, the integrated OLED and textured concrete with perforations disperses light uniformly across Bolla for a striking, effervescent glow.


Concrete Handpoured in Bubble Wrap from Packaging Waste


Cemento UK


Minotti London


LAMP People’s Choice


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