Chinatown, London, UK
Ideas Pitch
Materials: Timber, Lanterns, Programmed Lights

Design Lead: HagenHinderdael

Tian is an interactive public installation raising awareness on critical climate factors and the declining air quality in our urban cities.  Translating data from the live air pollution tracker, Tian asks society to reflect on the impact of our growth to multiple facets of society.

Constructed from interlocking timber batons which represent the growing urban density of our cities, the overall form speaks to the Chinatown context with its traditional Chinese temple architecture.  Places of worship and power, with the focus of getting people together for interaction and thought this formality creates a synergy with the approach of the installation itself.

As users climb onto and over the installation, a view opens up to a sea of lights.  Fabricated of Chinese lantern material with RGB & LED strip lighting below, playful glows and pulsations are directly linked to the pollution tracker providing a live coloured light show of air quality around the world. And reminding us that we must find ways to better protect the air we breathe.

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