Neuchatel Plaza, Mexico City
Competition, Recognised Submission
Materials: Steel and LED
Dimensions:: 3m (diameter) x 9m (h)

Design Lead: HagenHinderdael

Nestled amongst the industrial heritage of this part of Mexico City and the new plaza is the convergence of three threads: Cuernavaca Railway, the Chrysler car industry, and the newly proposed 3D canopy within the square. Drawing inspiration from these local contextual elements, SCALA provides a statement on the weaving together of history into a modern-day sculpture. 

Using parametric modeling and advanced technologies, the form of the sculpture has been developed through iterative testing. Beginning with the light weaving upward from the floor below, the artists have explored the helical forms of DNA to realise a parametric sculpture immersed in the history of its site. Monumental in nature, yet integrated seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, SCALA wraps from the textiled floor in the plaza below reaching towards the sky.

Enhanced with an illuminated light strip, it will engage users through a series of pulsating light rhythms that direct your view into the sculpture and invite you to come in and look upward. A piece of architectural jewelry, SCALA will create a landmark not only in the plaza but for Mexico City.

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