Clerkenwell Design Week
Ideas Pitch
Materials: Copper and Light

Design Lead: HagenHinderdael
Collaboration: Sadie Clayton

Sanctuary is a collaborative installation between copper artist Sadie Clayton and lighting designers HagenHinderdael. The encounter between the two practices explores facets of contemporary culture, its necessity for over stimulation in a constant state of restlessness, and how to overcome these dealings with time and our relationship with space. 

A place for reflection, the sanctuary invites guests to mute their minds and mobiles and enter a serene environment losing themselves in space and time and becoming immersed in mind and body. Asking visitors to be fully aware of their meditative state, lights will react to noise levels – becoming brighter the quieter visitors are and darkening when noise is reverberating.  This connection between light and sound necessitates an involved participation, with each listener as inter-subjectively constituted in perception, while producing the very thing he perceives.

The creative crossing of this sociocultural analysis takes shape in a 3-dimensional structure generated by the seemingly opposing key materials of both practices: the soft attributes of malleable, ductile copper as a repellent and excellent conductor of heat, and the effervescent qualities of light pouring through handblown glass elements. An assemblage of sensations that outlive space, time and bodies that experience it, Sanctuary blends craftsmanship with interactive technology to create a meditative state of contemplation.

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