Matter of Life : PMQ Hong Kong
DeTour 2020 Competition
Materials: Recycled Garments

Design Lead: HagenHinderdael
Collaboration: Cornelia Klien

Clothing is one of the most universal design objects which we can call a Matter of Life for human kind, notwithstanding their age, gender or background. Clothes function as a protecting shelter from weather as well as a signifier of personal identity and cultural belonging. Clothing has an impact on our internal wellbeing and external perception. We all wear clothes and care about what they mean to us, how we look in them, what function they fulfill – be it high fashion, fast fashion, uniforms or funcional gear.

Within the last decades, the production of clothing, and all that comes with it, is increasingly contradicting our ambition to save the planet. The fashion industry is one of the largest consumers of the global water supply and produces 10% of all humanity‘s carbon emissions—more emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. The synthetic textiles used in the majority of clothing production go on to pollute the oceans with micro plastics, before ending up in landfill.

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That’s primarily a result of the damaging effects of easy consumerism and fast fashion, which encourages a mindset of buying things cheaply and then throwing them away. Textile production has doubled since the year 2000, however human kind hasn‘t. Clothes are being kept for a shorter time, used less, and disposed of faster. A study shows that among first world countries in average every 8th garment is never worn, and 85% of textiles are predicted to end up in landfill.

NOOK brings awareness to this issue of overconsumption, and emphasize what the fashion product as well as its cycle actually mean; The outcome is an installation that represents an act of contribution rather than one of consumption. An increased focus on localism, collectivism, and the kind of mindful manufacturing in which natural resources are not exploited but reused will be front and center.

Fashion has been talking sustainability for years; now is the time to walk the walk.

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