West Kowloon, Hong Kong
Ideas Pitch
Materials: Bamboo and Fabric
Dimensions: 11m (l) x 11m (w) x 3.5m (h)

Design Lead: HagenHinderdael

Inspired by the high density architectural landscape of Hong Kong and famous past areas such as Kowloon Walled City, we want to create a large-scale bamboo labyrinth providing a new outdoor theatre venue for performance art in West Kowloon Art Park.

The bamboo structure will be woven in coloured fabrics with varying translucencies and allow users to become immersed in an enchanted outdoor performance space. Ending at the culmination point : a central focal platform where opera and performance can occur.

Mixing bamboo and fabric, the installation will speak to the temporary Cantonese Opera houses traditionally used for the performing arts whilst creating a dialogue in its references to the fabrics and dramatic stage sets often seen across cinematic and experiential design in China and Hong Kong.

Already rich in cultural programme. we aim to create a traversable and adaptable venue for multiple performances. We will invite varying performance artists to create unique and curated shows for the installation. Using the structure as a backdrop, they will be able to create a DIALOGUE between the show and the installation. Whether through a single opera singer at the central platform, or contemporary dance in light and shadow, or even improv theatre – the installation will transform and house new programmes over time.

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