London Design Festival
September 2020
Materials: Fabric, Glass, Metal, and Sound
Dimensions: 20m (l) x 8m (w) x 5m (h)

Related Product: Concave

Design Lead: HagenHinderdael

Located in a church in central London, conCAVE will be a feature installation of the London Design Festival in September 2020. Designed to raise awareness on the rate of groundwater depletion, which has doubled since 1960, we ask users to enter a cave-like environment and respect one of natures most pure grounded forms : stalactae.

Mimicking the process by which stalactites are formed and taking advantage of the natural architecture of the church, conCAVE will grow from the ceiling and walls and remind us how just as every single-minteral laden drop of water forms a stalactite, so every drop of water counts towards the formation of our environment.

Nooks and moments of rest on the journey will be joined with the sound of water droplets echoing down the chambers.Varying levels of transparency will be achieved through a combination of fabric and glass installations that provide the user with a unique experience at each point of the journey.

The Aisle : The core of the experience, it will guide visitors to each nook and the final altar.
The Nooks: High density curtains will frame seating coves along the aisle.
The Altar: Culmination of the journey at a bar serving drinks for  the opening reception with DJ booth.

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